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Thank you for visiting the a.m. insight.  I'm Adriana McLane and my passion is helping businesses grow sales through inventive business and marketing strategies.

I provide my clients with tools that help them engage customers and empower their teams to drive sustainable results.

Fueling growth, engaging teams!

Please check out my services below if you are interested in: 

  • generating innovative product or service opportunities
  • strategic planning and business plan development
  • identifying new growth channels or target markets 
  • strengthening your value proposition and brand positioning
  • developing effective marketing plans 

Strategies must evolve more rapidly than ever before and choices can seem endless.

Whether it's strengthening your core strategy,  creating a platform, or evaluating a business development opportunity, I can help you find the signal in all the noise.

Positioning your unique value proposition, identifying the best customers and crafting the right message are essential to an effective marketing strategy.  

I'll help you maximize your marketing spend by targeting the right people, with the right promise, delivered the right way.

Very often, knowing what to do isn't the challenge; it's having the resources and capacity to execute effectively.  

The four key areas of my program,  Executing High Impact Work, are designed to help you find focus and the capacity to do the work that matters most.